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Tuesday, 25-Jul-2006 06:18 Email | Share | | Bookmark

was went up to Kuantan to meet up Hezri , my old childhood friends.. we've known each other since 7 years old....definitely will come back to this place again..

we had mee kari for our breakfast , then me , izwan , hezri , mega , aie , boboi went on 45 min jungle trip from at the end of teluk cempedak.

after the jungle trek , we reached Teluk Tongkol Babi (or better know as the '3rd Bay') , it's a half kilometre stretch of white beach and we were the only ppl there....very peaceful..


after half an hour mandi manda at 3rd bay , we went back on the jungle trek to get back to Teluk Cempedak..

Hezri manages a Gas Depot in Tanjung Api and we took a stair up one of the gas reservoir to check out the Tanjung Api Nelayan village and the skyline of kuantan

then we head to Cherating beach...checked out some surfboard..planning to take up surfing but have to wait for my knee to heal first..

Went back to Teluk Cempedak for some beach soccer with hezri's friend..

Had some Ikan bakar at Tanjung Lumpur before leaving for KL...

Saturday, 22-Jul-2006 04:26 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Ozzie Pics 2

Went to Great Ocean road this time.. it's a 300 mile stretch of road by the ocean southwest of Melbourne....

enjoy the pics...

Wednesday, 5-Jul-2006 04:18 Email | Share | | Bookmark
i-bands music showcase!

as some of you guys might know...apart from doing photography thing - i'm 'kinda' abit into music and the local music scene..i've been helping out my friend Ajeep in moderating his malaysian indie band portal - for few years now. Last Saturday we had our first I-bands music showcase at Tunestone Studio in Klang. As usual tauke Ajeep instructed me to take pictures hehe so here are the pics from that event:

aisyah and ugly (really his nick is ugly)

Bassist Funky Doryz with Dot

Garaa Band...comel dia..dia kaple ngan drummer yeah ajeep?

funky doryz in action...depa main lagu gaban at the end..." wakatau wakatau gena-gan!" cool the funk licks

guitarist funky doryz..

rafil from 360 degree head rotation (mcm mana nak insert 'degree' symbol?)

skyjuice coffee

keetaaa.. drooollllllll.... jgn marah ajeep he he

this guy is actually from my alma mater back in USA..tetiba jumpa dia kat sini..rupa2nya kawan2 ben's bitches

the rhaman project from jasin..nice arrangement...guitarist pun gempak..skali skala tunjuk skill goreng dia..respect! helo whos that singer ? how are youuuu doin?

zink and eric cartman

ahmad, aisyah and ugly

ben's bitches! cool band hehe.. they have a cool stage presence...

after the gig , ajeep and tunestone were kind enough to throw a lil bbq session upstairs on the roof..bes gila! mcm gathering style pulak!
by the way ni gambar ntah budak botak mana ntah ni ..tersenyum sipu2..mesti tgh cakap ngan awek ni.. ha ha ha

myo of skyjuicecoffee ...

aisyah deep in trance listening to ben's bitches response to her interview questions...

ben's bitches bassist articulating a very important msg about the local indie scene.. hehe

rock steady dik!

so these guys were asking me 'takkan ambik gambar artis je bang' i offered to take pics of them .. pastu depa pose for this shot..

so is this guy..dunno what kind pose he tried to pull he he..

in a nutshell..gempak punya event! bila nak buat lagi? cepat irene get to work!

Tuesday, 4-Jul-2006 03:54 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Ozzie Trip!

Right after my Dubai trip and only after a day of work ,i'm back on the plane again to Ozzie with my mom. We were there to visit my brother who's about to undergo knee surgery.

i took this shot from the inside of the Melbourne Aquarium

trams! i love trams! reminds me of my days in San Francisco ..woohoo..when you go
to downtown melbourne do take the trams. Take the City Circle trams ( like the one above) , it will take you around the city for free!

along burke St , there's this cool flamenco band playing..that guy can shred man!

we had lunch at Nelayan restaurant. Right on Swanston St. It is a halal Indonesian restaurant and surprisingly it is very good! I saw a teh botol but in kotak minuman version... teh botol di dalam kotak?

this is one of the indoor shopping mall in downtown

took this shot just outside the aquarium right on the bridge to Crown Casino

The following day , we drove down south to Cranbourne to check out the Royal Botanical Garden. This particular garden only have native australian plants , so they've created the whole Australian landscape in one small garden (complete with artifical desert and all that).

this is one of the structure at the Botanical Garden

Yours truly on top of Arthur's Seat Mountain , overlooking the bay

We went to a private zoo where you can feed kangaroos and other animals. Here the kangaroos are quite friendly.But if you see a wild one , better not try to pet him cos he might be aggresive.

We drove down to Philips Island to see seals and penguins. Just before crossing the brigde over into the island , we've stopped by San Remo to have some Fish and Chips. Sedap gilos...boleh rasa the freshness of the fish cos most probably it was fished that day itself..hmm fish and chips..

at Philips Island , there's this place called Nobbies where basically it's a cliff by the seaside. About 100 meters into the sea there's another small lava rock island where the seals usually lepak2 there .. as sunset falls we went to this part of the island where you can see small penguin birds returning from sea to go to their nest. Taking pictures where prohibited here so unfortunately I didn't snap any.

More ozzie pics to come!

Sunday, 4-Jun-2006 10:11 Email | Share | | Bookmark
UAE East Coast Tour - Dubai -> Dibba -> Fujairah -> Dubai

Last Saturday I rented a car and did an East Cost Tour of UAE . The journey took me around 8 hours to complete - what I did was - get a map of UAE , bought some drinks and munchies , and drive away where ever i feel like it. My plan was to actually see the other part of UAE which lies along the Arabian Ocean instead of like Dubai where it is along the Persian Gulf ocean.

This is a special road off the highway leading up to a monument , about 40 km east of Dubai

Temperature was hitting 43 degrees celcius outside!

once i have reached Masafi ( east of dubai ) , I took the normal village road up north to Dibba. Here we can see nice mountain/ ridges and also dry riverbeds.

Once I've reached Dibba, I went down south toward Fujairah. Along the way , there's an old mosque (about 400-600 years old) called the Al-Bidyah mosque. This mosque is about the size of a typical master bedroom , and is built with stones and mudbricks.

if you walk up the hill after the mosque, you can see two watchtowers. Here is one of them.

This is the view from atop the watchtower, where you can see the Arabic Ocean.

On the way to Fujairah , I came across KhorKaban's Corniche Rd which has a strech of white sand on its side.Here you see a family going on a leisure boat that will take them around the the coast and also Fujairah freezone port.

Upon reaching Fujairah , I've drove west back to Dubai all tired and exhausted but satisfied after completing my East Coast Tour.

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